About Lisa

Lisa DeShano is a Hatha Yoga Instructor with professional level certification and over nine years experience with Yoga. She began and deepened her practice with a yogi who studied under Yoga Master Yoganand and whom, for over ten years, practiced Tae Kwon Do with Master Huk Tok Yun (former bodyguard to the president of South Korea) and Master Sang Lee (former U.S. Olympic Coach). Lisa received her teacher training and certification at the YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc. for Body, Mind and Spirit. Although it is difficult to label Lisa's yoga style to just one type of Hatha yoga, her personal style converges Vinyasa (flowing Yoga) and Kripalu (compassionate Yoga) for a powerful Yoga experience.

In addition to her private Yoga Buddy sessions, Lisa teaches yoga classes through the Wellness Program at the University of Iowa, at Core Fitness in both Iowa City and North Liberty, at Performance Fitness, and guest teaches at The Studio in Iowa City and Cindy K's Fitness in Iowa City. She has a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan which she uses to design residential playgrounds, additions, renovations, and log cabins.

Lisa has a special interest in the therapeutic, restorative and strengthening properties of yoga - she herself has used yoga to recover from stress and injury.